Thursday, October 27, 2011

Board Book Swap

Well a board book can actually be made of anything. I went to Archievers and bought a 8 page grunge board book with large rings to hold it together. Another place for you to go and join is Altered Pages. Yep! it is great. This is the site that the Board Book Swap was Through. I called my Board Book : "Oriental Interlude".
In case you haven't realized by now I am an Oriental addict. I love the colors the designs and the beautiful clothing.

The first thing I did was choose the color of the pages I wanted. I started the cover and back page with red. The next page was a dark blue, burgundy, chartreuse, black and then back to red. Some of the pages I painted on some I stamped on and some are just black. Then I added decorative paper and miscellaneous designs, stamps and print outs from Altered Pages.

Please Let me know what you think.

Halloween in A Teacup

What fun this was!! I joined a new site and they are awesome. Their main prsmise is to think outside the Box. Well if you are a creative Artist and don't like to have your art stifeld this is the place to go. Art for the Creative Mind...Check it out on yahoo.

The first Swap I signed up for was "Halloween in a Teacup". The theme instructions were what do you think goes on in a teacup on Halloween. My imagination went wild. The first thing I thought of was a Witch trying to land on the side of a teacup and missing. As you can see by this photo she missed. See her feet sticking out.
I copied the form of the teacup from The Stampington Website.

I knew that I wanted a front and a back and for it to stand up. So I made two teacups out of scrapbooking paper and then stamped cobwebs all over it. Hmm! What would keep it open and enable it to stand up? When all else fails.... head for the bathroom. Those toilet paper tubes are awesome. I painted it black! And colored the inside of my scrapbooking paper black. Then I glued the handle of the teacup together and the outside edges. Added the TP role inside and cut to fit.

Now I had an opening at the top that I could fill with the antics on the Witch. I bought the Witches legs but they were only decorated on one side so I needed to add a pair on the back I copied the size of the legs and shoes and made a pair in reverse. See the Difference?

To fill the teacup I dyed a piece of cardstock with onion skins and painted swirls of cream, brown and green to appear to be Witches Brew. Then carefully cut it to fit inside the cup and glued. Now punch holes the size of what you want to add and glue in place. I added butterfly wings, a bat, broom, moon, and the witche's legs.

Have a cup of Tea on Me!