Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pastoral Eagle

I made this card for one of our Pastors. Not sure what to send to a pastor? I thought long and hard about this myself. I thought, I am sure they are all religious. Should it be funny? No not this one. I wanted to let him know about the beautiful sermon her gave on Communion. It compared the taking of communion to a bride in biblical times drinking a cup of commitment wine with the groom to be. How marvelous--Have you ever thought of it that way? Well I never had! But from now on I will. The sermon was so impressive my hubby and I both had tears in our eyes. Sooo-my card was religious in nature. We sang a song about eagles lifting us up and it seemed so appropriate for his card. I wanted this one to be really different so I used an onion bag and sponged the background for the eagle. The eagle stamp is from Gray Wolf Designs out of Michigan. I love his stamps.

Thank you Pastor Jon Swanson for such a beautiful interruption of communion.


Monday, February 9, 2009


Have you ever created and ATC? Don't know what they are? They are Artistic Trading Cards. Yes, this is my newest endeavor. They are fun, can be just as challenging as a card. Card sizes are 4.25" x 5.50"--ATCs are 2.50" x 3.50". Smaller yes but just as involved and can be more challenging. Each ATC has a theme and the theme for this group trade was Women. My first interpretation for an ATC is for your viewing. Let me know what you think of this "little" woman.

One More Balck & White

I just love black & white. Crisp clean and eye popping. This is the last in my Monday Mailer series. The stamps are from CTMH and are no longer available. Sooo sorry--I really like these Fairy sets.