Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pastoral Eagle

I made this card for one of our Pastors. Not sure what to send to a pastor? I thought long and hard about this myself. I thought, I am sure they are all religious. Should it be funny? No not this one. I wanted to let him know about the beautiful sermon her gave on Communion. It compared the taking of communion to a bride in biblical times drinking a cup of commitment wine with the groom to be. How marvelous--Have you ever thought of it that way? Well I never had! But from now on I will. The sermon was so impressive my hubby and I both had tears in our eyes. Sooo-my card was religious in nature. We sang a song about eagles lifting us up and it seemed so appropriate for his card. I wanted this one to be really different so I used an onion bag and sponged the background for the eagle. The eagle stamp is from Gray Wolf Designs out of Michigan. I love his stamps.

Thank you Pastor Jon Swanson for such a beautiful interruption of communion.


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jnswanson said...

and thank you for the card. It was perfect.