Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mardi Gras Mask

What fun this was! I have always wanted to go to Mardi Gras. I love, love New Orleans. The atmosphere, the food, just walking down Bourbon Street. Ahh nothing greater. Anybody love crayfish. Oh yeah.

I bought this mask at the dollar store. Then choose the feathers to add. The feathers are peacock and guinea. The designs of the guinea feathers is awesome. Black and white they are. I used Diamond Glaze to adhere the feathers to the mask. (Don't use a glue pot because you will end up with a pile of glue and messed up feathers).


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Board Book Swap

Well a board book can actually be made of anything. I went to Archievers and bought a 8 page grunge board book with large rings to hold it together. Another place for you to go and join is Altered Pages. Yep! it is great. This is the site that the Board Book Swap was Through. I called my Board Book : "Oriental Interlude".
In case you haven't realized by now I am an Oriental addict. I love the colors the designs and the beautiful clothing.

The first thing I did was choose the color of the pages I wanted. I started the cover and back page with red. The next page was a dark blue, burgundy, chartreuse, black and then back to red. Some of the pages I painted on some I stamped on and some are just black. Then I added decorative paper and miscellaneous designs, stamps and print outs from Altered Pages.

Please Let me know what you think.

Halloween in A Teacup

What fun this was!! I joined a new site and they are awesome. Their main prsmise is to think outside the Box. Well if you are a creative Artist and don't like to have your art stifeld this is the place to go. Art for the Creative Mind...Check it out on yahoo.

The first Swap I signed up for was "Halloween in a Teacup". The theme instructions were what do you think goes on in a teacup on Halloween. My imagination went wild. The first thing I thought of was a Witch trying to land on the side of a teacup and missing. As you can see by this photo she missed. See her feet sticking out.
I copied the form of the teacup from The Stampington Website.

I knew that I wanted a front and a back and for it to stand up. So I made two teacups out of scrapbooking paper and then stamped cobwebs all over it. Hmm! What would keep it open and enable it to stand up? When all else fails.... head for the bathroom. Those toilet paper tubes are awesome. I painted it black! And colored the inside of my scrapbooking paper black. Then I glued the handle of the teacup together and the outside edges. Added the TP role inside and cut to fit.

Now I had an opening at the top that I could fill with the antics on the Witch. I bought the Witches legs but they were only decorated on one side so I needed to add a pair on the back I copied the size of the legs and shoes and made a pair in reverse. See the Difference?

To fill the teacup I dyed a piece of cardstock with onion skins and painted swirls of cream, brown and green to appear to be Witches Brew. Then carefully cut it to fit inside the cup and glued. Now punch holes the size of what you want to add and glue in place. I added butterfly wings, a bat, broom, moon, and the witche's legs.

Have a cup of Tea on Me!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CTMH Birthday Stamps

What fun this was! New set from CTMH, my first use. I will be using this more. Sometimes it is hard to make a birthday card for someone--not always knowing their likes and dislikes. For instance my Sunday School class-You ROCK Bridgebuilders!!

I am actually thinking of trying to make this for s "man" card using browns, blacks and tans and leaving off the flowers on top. What do you think?

I stamped the image in a light Hollyhock ink from CTMH. Then used CTMH markers and Marvy markers to color it in. After it dried I drug the edges through and along the Hollyhock ink pad. Next, I added Diamond Glaze to two layers of the cake and also covered the plate and allowed to dry.

Stamp the pink cardstock with a small flower to give depth in the Hollyhock ink.
I attached the cake to an extra piece of green patterned paper and then attached all to the pink stamped cardstock. Add a pink gingham checked ribbon from CTMH and you are done.

The stamp set includes a couple of sayings which I used on the inside. I added white paper to the inside and stamped in Hollyhock ink:
You're the Sweetest Thing
Happy Birthday


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Stamps

Love my new stamps that I purchased from VLVS. The three stamps are all Oriental and this is the first one I have used.

For the card base I used my Cuttlebug to emboss vines and birds to compliment the little girl holding the bird. On white paper I stamped the child with my Staz-On black ink.

Colored the images with markers from Marvy. I stamped the image once again to create a mask and cut out. I added Zig glue to the back of the mask and allowed it to dry.
By covering up the colored image I was able to use another stamp of flowers by Stampin Up to create a background. Then colored the flowers in lightly to compliment the child. I used an additional unknown designer stamp in oriental nature to add small images to the open areas and used a sponge to highlight the borders. Glued the finished image to a piece of the same colored paper allowing about a 1/16 th border around it. Then glued this to the embossed card base. Added a multi colored ribbon making a double bow so that it appears to look like a dragonfly.

Hoping you enjoy my newest creation.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't you just wish you lived in the time of this 'Lady in Red'. I as just crazy about her clothing. Stamped her in black Staz-on and coated with clear embossing powder. Then colored with my Tombow markes.

Now all I need is her figure to put into those clothes.

Fairy Thank You

I love this little fairy from CTMH. She is so versitale and adorable. The teal paper is from he Dollar Tree. Wish I could get some more of it.



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chunky City Rabbit

I made this rabbit out of a wooden block left from unmounting a rubber stamp. What fun!! let your mind fly. I have so many of these blocks left is also addicting. Actually I made a whole easter parade.

If you would like to see exactly how I made this rabbit and the rest of the wooden blocks please visit Rubber Road Adventures, an online magazine that I design for.

Check out the Rubber Road and see many of my projects.

Stamping in the Fort


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Faerie Rider

The stamped Fairy is from Faerie Song Stamps. She is riding a dragonfly and I wanted her on my front door. She is so welcoming and inviting to friends and neighbors.

I stamped the fairy several times, cut her out and then glued the multiple layers together with Diamond Glaze. This created a very stiff image to be added to the message or flower holder for my front door. The Diamond Glaze helped to seal the project and keep sweating of the inner door from bothering the design. Then I colored her with my Marvy markers.

I stamped images of leaves on the holder and then added a few others with my paintbrush.

Won't you leave me a note or just ring the bell for a cup of tea!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tiger in Purple

A Purple Tiger-oh my! Yes here is one stamped in Staz-On black and embossed. This stamp is from Art Neko. What a great image. I added purple highlights with my Marvy markers to accentuate his coloring. The oriental stamped word from Art Neko is "Tiger".

File Folder Booklet

Making a file folder book is awesome. Your ideas are pushed to limits, you think, and then something else just pops right up. Art- what an interesting word- it is complex and all encompassing. See the file folder book I created about ART.
You can see the complete details of how to create this booklet on Rubber Road Adventures. Here I am sharing just the simple instructions on how to create and add stamped images and your artwork.

The File Folder Book once folded contains four pockets to hold stamped images on tags as I have done or you might want to include pictures of childern, new home or photos of your pets.

These are the tags I created. All having to do with art.

The next two photos are the insides of the File Folder Book showing the stamped images on the front of the pockets.

The last photo is the back of the File Folder Book. This is so enjoyable to create I am hoping you will take the time to create one of your own.

Gesso & Pearl Ex

What do you get when you mix Gesso and Pearl Ex? Ahh an interesting background for a card. Apply Gesso to your card front with a stiff brush making hills and valleys. Then while the Gesso is still wet add small amounts of Pearl Ex with a dry brush. This creates complexity and yet a very subtle background. Once the Gesso has totally dried you may need to iron on the back to get your card stock to lay down flat. I added a stamped image that shows the texture of the Gesso along the side. The flower was stamped on 3M Transparency Film in Staz-On Black and cut out. On the reverse side of the stamped image I added color using a Marvy marker a little bit at a time.
Stamp the word Dream in black directly on the Gesso and Pearl Ex. Again add another small gold ribbon. I mean what would anything be without a ribbon? Secure the flower to card front with Diamond Glaze.

Birthday Cat

Michael Strong stamps--you can't help but love em'. This cat is so versatile. My daughter loves cats so viola! Stamp the cat in Staz-on Black. Allow to dry completely. I used a Metallic Watercolor Palette from USA Quest to add paint to the stamped image. Add small amounts at a time and dab with a paper towel if you stamped your image on glossy card stock as I did. This will allow the color to become deeper as you as layers of color and will not rub off. I used the Deckle scissors from Stampin' Up to trim out my desired size for the card front. Added a tag from my new Cuttlebug for the birthday girl-Shelly.

I Hate Snow!!

I do I really do--Hate Snow! With that being said I submit this stamped Snowflake from CTMH. The background is one I created by using an old file folder cover and reinkers with a brayer to create. With all the smooched ink in the file folder cover add your glossy card stock. Allow ink to penetrate the paper, remove and allow to dry.
Cut out your favorite pieces and set asde. Stamp the Snowflake in blue on a piece of the created background. Cut to desired size and add gold, navy and pink striped card stock 1/8 inch larger than the original piece. Add all to card front.

This kind of snowflake I can handle.

Elevated Flowers

Can't you just smell the aroma of these flowers. I stamped the image onto pink card stock in black. Twice. Then went back and added white on the outside of the petals.
Cut out the whole image once, then cut out the portion of the image you want to elevate with sticky tabs. Add over the complete image and add pink beads to the stamens of each flower. Add the stamped image to colored card stock and add to a cut piece of white card stock. And don't forget to add that lovely piece of ribbon.

Retiform-Old Gothic

I love this technique. Use a ruler and a permanent marker to add lines making different sized shapes on your card or artwork page. To stamp images into the different shapes I used a Post-It to cover every shape that I did NOT want an image to appear in. I think you will understand once you try it. This is very simple--just sound hard. I added the building to be my focal point and added the rest of the images to compliment them. You can also use a sponge and more Post-Its to add highlights to the drawn lines.

Musical Afternoon

This card was some simple yet so elegant and breezy. The background is a piece of scrapbooking paper I purchased at the dollar store. Add this paper to a piece of cut cardstock. The music is from and old music book that I learned to [;ay out off as a child. Add a piece of Red cardstock and the stamped image of a table and two chairs. Simple as and afternoon sitting under a magnolia tree with a glass of mint iced tea.
Add a ribbon.

Mystic Africa

This card was created for a missionary friend a a thank you. I used my brayer and a Kaleidacolor Rainbow pad in Autumn Leaves to create the background. I left the color of ink seperated to add a broken image. Then the African mask was stamped over the background to create the mystic of Africa. I love giraffes so they are running by to see what is happening in the backgrond Stamp each one and embosee then cut out. Elevate to complete the appearnce.

Time for Tea

This card is a compilation of many stamps each stamped and coated with embossing powder. Each image has been torn out or cut out with a different appearance to draw your eye to each image. The saying is made up and is an invitation for Tea.

"You're Invited to Tea
Just you & me
Please Come at 3:00
For its you I want to see"

Stamps are assorted companies. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Stockings

Christmas Stockings Hand Painted

These stockings were purchased at the Dollar Store and then individually painted. Each member of the family had something painted for their individual tastes and interests. Thanks to the Bass family for letting me help them out. This really was fun. I use paints that came in a set for fabrics. Enjoy!