Monday, March 14, 2011

File Folder Booklet

Making a file folder book is awesome. Your ideas are pushed to limits, you think, and then something else just pops right up. Art- what an interesting word- it is complex and all encompassing. See the file folder book I created about ART.
You can see the complete details of how to create this booklet on Rubber Road Adventures. Here I am sharing just the simple instructions on how to create and add stamped images and your artwork.

The File Folder Book once folded contains four pockets to hold stamped images on tags as I have done or you might want to include pictures of childern, new home or photos of your pets.

These are the tags I created. All having to do with art.

The next two photos are the insides of the File Folder Book showing the stamped images on the front of the pockets.

The last photo is the back of the File Folder Book. This is so enjoyable to create I am hoping you will take the time to create one of your own.

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