Thursday, October 30, 2008

Black & White Fun

Blackbird-Thank you

Grid Technique-Thank you card.

Fort Wayne Stamp Convention

My daughter Shelly promised she would take me to the stamp convention not matter what. We went Oh Yeah!! Although I am still pretty weak I made it all day. How you ask? Shelly got me a wheelchair and did not allow me to get up except to look at something that she couldn't get the wheelchair up to. She sure did love bossing me! LOL

What a labor of love. Bless her, she pushed that wheelchair from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Hats off to her and my grateful thanks. Thank you, too, to my daughters family for giving her up for a whole Saturday to help feed grandma's habit.


I survived my three months of Chemo! Yeah me! I think. I am still suffering from the dreaded colon pain that accompanies my chemo treatments, but each day the pain is less and less. I have only had two vicodine today and that is great.

I am very anemic and will be starting some treatment on Monday. If the iron doesn't work I will need a transfusion. My white blood count is low as well but the radiologist says we can begin radiation treatments on Nov 4th. I will be going for treatment 5 days a week for six and a half weeks. How boring. I understand that the worst part of radiation is after about 3 weeks is when the tiredness sets in.

So one hurdle pasted and one to start. I know I would have not been able to make it through this without my Lord Jesus Christ and my husband "the saint". He told me the other day I looked cut without hair. What? My family has been a God send for just being there for me to cry or laugh. And my BFF Lisa Wolf and her daughter (my goddaughter). And and I almost forgot-(how could I)-My church Grabill Missionary Church and my Sunday School class "The Bridgebuilders".

Love comes in all shapes and sizes,an all different kinds of deeds. Open your eyes my friends and see the love.

I have been trying to get a path created in my craft room. (Turning red here)
I want to be able to do some painting in the next few weeks so have to get my easel set up and one end of my craft table set up just for painting. I figure that even if I am very weak I can at least work on the two paintings I have mapped out in my mind.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Almost Candy-ween

Halloween is almost here! I really wish we could call it Candy-Ween. I know that Christians don't support halloween well I am a christian and I went Trick or Treating. So CANDY-WEEN it is.

Now that I have no hair to speak of--what will I be for Candy-Ween? I have been Raggedy Ann, A Motorcycle Mama (in my youth), Cleopatra and Dorothy with Toto.
But this year,hmmmmmmmmmmm? Since I had my breast surgery I can see my tummy and I never really knew how big it was.

So is it Grandpa Munster or Alfred Hitchcock. I suppose I will see how I feel that
day. Although, I haven't been T & T-ing in years my profile does crack my up.