Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Almost Candy-ween

Halloween is almost here! I really wish we could call it Candy-Ween. I know that Christians don't support halloween well I am a christian and I went Trick or Treating. So CANDY-WEEN it is.

Now that I have no hair to speak of--what will I be for Candy-Ween? I have been Raggedy Ann, A Motorcycle Mama (in my youth), Cleopatra and Dorothy with Toto.
But this year,hmmmmmmmmmmm? Since I had my breast surgery I can see my tummy and I never really knew how big it was.

So is it Grandpa Munster or Alfred Hitchcock. I suppose I will see how I feel that
day. Although, I haven't been T & T-ing in years my profile does crack my up.

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Shirley said...

Nancy, How much more treatment? I hope you are feeling better between treatments. Bald is beautiful my friend. In fact some people, men and women look better. The only person I have seen so far that didn't look good is Britany.