Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bottle Art

Anyone interested in Bottle Art? There are a lot of things you can do with an old bottle picked up at a junk shop. I was in Edwardsburg MI visiting my sister and we went down to Bob's Antique Shop and found a slew of these old bottles. I used Cloisonne High Gloss Granules that I picked up at the Stamp convention here in town last year. The complete directions are on the Rubber Road Adventures and you can print them off there. I will do a quick run thru here for you.

I used Versa Mark as the base on the bottle to hold the granules in place until I could use my embossing gun to heat them and turn them into liquid. Some of the Granules I left a little lumpy to create texture for the bottle. The colors began to mix into each other as they were heated to create additional texture and focal points.

All of the material decorations were from things I had laying around my studio. An old piece of Christmas decoration, a tassel from an old bookmark, and a cork with old beads and ribbon tied on top.

You should really give this a try. But be careful you might just become addicted.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Vacation Thank Yous

We had a great vacation to Nebraska. My hubby's 54th Anniversary of Graduating from Fullerton High School. I made these two cards to Thank friends for such a great time there. Used my technique on the right side pieces of paper called "Reinker Splash".
On the right side of each card I used a coordinating color to the main focal point. The dominant colors are pink on card 1 and orange on card 2. The reinker splash on card 1 picks up pink in the image by adding drops of red and blue reinkers. Card 2 used orange and blue for the reinker splash. The orange for the stamped image and the blue for the Mulberry paper under each stamped image

I couldn't for the life of me figure out if this image is looking forward with her head turned -or- is she looking over her shoulder and we see her back. Hmmm!