Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2-Decline and Fall

After having my first Chemo treatment 2 weeks ago, Day 2 of declining and falling hair has plagued my existence. While I am a hat-person I never thought I would need to buy hats to cover my bald head. Although, I am not bald yet!!-I foresee it will be soon. Yesterday I went to Wally World and purchased three little hats with brims and little bows in the back. The Oncology department gives away little hats knitted and crocheted by a group called Stitches of Hope-Head Huggers of Northeast Indiana. I say Thank You to these wonderful crafters. The little tam is crocheted in a snappy mauve color with a Burgundy bow. Now I am thinking I will look pretty chic. (Chic for an old bald headed lady). Monday September 8th I will receive my second Chemo treatment. Do you know how hard it is to watch that poison go into my arm for a hour an a half? I half have considered not doing it-but I will be back for another round at 8:45 am.

Now I must get the dust buster and vacuum my keyboard tray to remove all the wafting hair. Need to move on to more creative work for now.

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Shirley said...

Nancy, I want to thank you for sharing. I can't know how hard it might have been for you to decide to do it, but know that you are helping all of those who read it who are experiencing the ssame thing and didn't have the courage you found. Because of you they are feeling human and accepted for how they are feeling right now too. Know that those of us who aren't experiencing it applaud you for sharing so that when we do need to do the treatment your posts will have made us stronger too. I say you go get it girl and knock it. Thanks again.