Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year. I am praying that 2009 will be a beneficial and healthy year to all.

Updating you on my health here. I have finished all my treatments! Yeah for Me! Oh Yeah! The chemo and the radiation are all gone away. I have been going to treatment everday for 33 days, 5 days a week for radiation at 11:20. So at 11:20 AM this week just do the happy dance for me. I still am burned from the treatments and they are painful but knowing that now all they have to do is heal is a real blessing to me.
I will be on a drug called Tamoxifen for 5+ years to reduce the hormone that causes breast cancer in my body.

Now the "real" healing can begin. The thoughts of what the next round of treatments will do to my body will vanish. My strength will be returning--one day at a time--no more being so tired that I can't even think of how to function. I am to start exercising 10 minutes a day- 5 minutes at a time. How exciting- I hate exercising- I mean if I were walking through Savannagh GA's Forsythe Park now that would be exercise and enjoyment at the same time. It would be like a small portion of heaven and improving my health together. Right?

I am also looking forward to all the new projects I have signed up to make. ATC's, Monday Mailers and my projects for Rubber Road Adventures (Domino Dancer) and my next project for Create A Card Club. And of course TJ 1-on-1. Also, the challenges for My Paper Moon.Working in my studio is one of my favorite things to do. Today I have a renewed sense of strength and am ready to delve into some unknown creation.

I want to thank you all for your prayers and concerns. I could not have made it through this trying time in my life without my God, my husband,my family and my friends.

Thank You & Thank You, again.

Have a Blessed New Year


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