Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Silver Joy Tree

Have you seen something that you just knew you had to make something out of it. Well I saw the base of this tree at Hobby Lobby and knew I could make something out of it. But what? I didn't buy it--but it worked on me--all day every day until I went back and bought it.

I purchased 2 8 ft garlands at the dollar store. Took them home and stripped all the leaves off. Then I painted them silver on one side. Next I stamped a fern leaf in black on each leaf. After they dried I added purple paint on the ferns. I found the purple looking beading on sale at Joann's. I stripped the plants down and cut the foam beads up in small pieces.

Starting at the bottom using E6000 glue I added two rows of the silver leaves and two rows of the purple bead sections. Working my way to the top. Then I added silver ribbon and lavendar birds.

Hoping you enjoy my Christmas creation. The complete instructions are posted on the Rubber Road


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Etha said...

This tree is just stunning :) I love how you re-purposed all the materials. I often look at the floral section and take things apart in my mind. Only problem is for card making you'd have a LOT of materials there, hehe. The colors are amazing, so are the birds! Nice touch.