Thursday, October 8, 2009

It works as a Gift or a Decoration

I love candles and candles love me! Vanilla ones that is! I love to decorate them and group them together with the same designs in a large white china serving dish I bought at Dollar General for $3.00. Then I head for the Dollar Store or the Dollar Tree. Getting my drift here? This can be very reasonable and very appealing to the eye. These also make great gifts for the holidays, a new neighbor or even a new home gift.

The stamps I used are from a set called Autumn Memories from Clear Artistic Stamps.

Stamp a piece of tissue paper and then cut to fit the small candle that you see. Add it to the candle by heating with an embossing gun. Make sure that you do this in short bursts because you will burn a hole in the candle. The tissue paper will not burn because it is saturated with the wax.

For the larger candles cut three pieces of paper/cardstock to fit around your candle adding an extra 1/2" for gluing. Each piece of cardstock should be 1/2" smaller in width than the one before it. You can add all kinds of ribbons or charms for added decoration.

Give it a try and get ready for the Holidays.




Nettie said...

these are fabulous Nancy! and certainly would make wonderful gifts, hugs Nettie xx

Peggie said...